Colloque Electrochimie dans les Nanosciences 3

Paris, France

21-22 Avril 2009

List of oral communications and posters pdf

Conference Tuesday-Wednesday (8h-20h)

plenary session :
  • A. J. Bard, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • " The Application of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy to the Discovery and Study of Electrocatalysts "
    -> Abstract
  • N. Tao, Arizona State University, USA
    " Electron Transport via Redox Molecules "
    -> Abstract

  • C. Amatore, ENS ULM, France
    " Seeing Electron Communication INSIDE Molecules By Ultrafast Cyclic Voltammetry "
    -> Abstract

  • W. Schuhmann, Ruhr-Universitšt Bochum Allemagne
    " Convolution of topography and local electrochemical activity in SECM imaging "
    -> Abstract

  • Invited Speakers :
  • F. Kanoufi (CNRS-ESPCI,Paris)
    "Microelectrochemical patterning of surfaces with organic layers"

  • V. Vivier (CNRS-UPMC, Paris)
    "Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy coupled with EQCM and EIS"

  • C. Lefrou (CNRS-LEPMI, Grenoble)
    "Why are numerical simulations unavoidable for quantitative SECM ?"

  • T. Livache (CEA Grenoble)
    " How to get more information from biochips ? Use of electrochemistry for an optical detection process. "

  • C. Marquette (CNRS-Univ Lyon)
    "Electrochemical grafting of biomolecules for diagnostic"

  • C. Demaille (LEM, Paris Diderot)
    "Electrochemical atomic force microscopy (AFM-SECM) using tip-attached redox-labeled polymer chains as local molecular nanosensors"

  • Topics :

    - Electrochemical Microscopy
    - Nanopatterned surfaces and interfaces
    - Molecular electronics