The aim of the meeting is the use of electrochemical microscopy to build, characterize, investigate, and the activation of nanosystems and/or nanostructures. Beside that, the other interest of the meeting is to show the contribution of electrochemistry to investigate patterned surfaces and in molecular electronics. The purpose of the ElecNano is to bring the leading scientists in electrochemistry and the scientists working in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology to simulate intensive discussion, initiate cooperation, and improve the personal links in this field. Participation of young scientists (PhD, Students and Post-Docs) is particularly encouraged.

The list of last editions:

- Elecnano9 in Paris (2021) 

- Elecnano8 in Nancy (2018) "Electrochemistry for Nano & Nano for Electrochemistry"

- Elecnano7 in Lille (2016) "Electrochemistry at the nanoscale : for sensing and energy driven applications"

- Elecnano6 in Paris (2014) "Electrochemistry at the nanoscale from basic aspect to applications"

- Elecnano5 in Bordeaux (2013) "The Nanoscale and Electroanalysis: surface nanostructuration, nanobiological systems, coupled techniques, microsystems"

- Elecnano4 - 7th Echems in Paris (2011) "Electrochemistry in Nano Structuration of Substrates and Energy "

- Elecnano3 in Paris (2009) "Electrochemical Microscopy, Nanopatterned surfaces and interfaces, and Molecular electronics"

- Elecnano2 (2008)

- Elecnano1 (2006)

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