Elecnano 10 2023 - Paris

The videos of plenary speakers Elecnano 10:




Elecnano 6 2014 - Paris

Photos Gallery of elecnano6 conference here

The videos of plenary speakers Elecnano 6:

  1. Conference of M. Aono, National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) "Nanoelectroionics to Open New Horizons of Materials Science and Technology"
  2. Conference of Pr. Allen J. Bard, University of Texas, USA "The Electrochemical Characterization of Nanoparticles"
  3. Pr. Rudolph Marcus, California Institute of Technology, USA, Nobel Prize 1992 "Single molecule intermittent fluorescence studies of quantum dots and in initial steps in dye sensitized, solar cells, examples of electron transfers and diffusion"
  4. Pr. Richard Mccreery, University of Alberta, "Long Range Electron Transport in Molecular Electronic Junctions"
  5. Pr. Philippe Hapiot, University of Rennes I, "Localized Electrochemistry and Controlled Modifications of Surfaces"


The videos of Invited speakers Elecnano 6:

  1.  Francesco Ricci
  2. Frederic Maillard
  3. Andreas Lesch
  4. Vincent Vivier

closing session

Elecnano 5 2013 - Bordeaux


Elecnano 4 - 7 Echems 2011

The videos of Invited speakers Elecnano 4 - 7 Echems 2011

  1. Conference of Prof G Whitesides Here
  2. Conference of Prof M Gratzel Here
  3. Conference of Prof R Zeissel Here
  4. Conference of Prof A Deronzier Here
  5. Conference of Prof S Palacin Here
  6. Conference of Prof R Crooks Here

Gallery of Pictures from the Elecnano 4-7 Echems Conference Gallery of pictures 2011

Elecnano 3 2009

video of Invited speakers



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