Social Program

May 29th 2018 (early evening): Welcome Cocktail

May 30th 2018 (early evening): Guided tour of the historical centre of Nancy

May 30th 2018 (late evening): Gala dinner in the “Grand Salon” of Nancy City Hall, on the famous Stanislas Square

For the participants interested in discovering Nancy's historic past, three visits are suggested. These visits cover the medieval era to the XVIIIth Century (Historic City Centre), Nancy as it was imagined by Duke Stanislas (Uniesco World Heritage Site) or the XIXth Century heritage (Art Nouveau City Centre). The visits will start at 18h15 and will end at 19h45 in front of Nancy City Hall in time for participants to join the Grand Salon for the Gala dinner. Other participants will have the opportunity to stroll in the Parc de la Pépinière or enjoy a drink on one of the many terasses of Place Stanislas while waiting for the Gala dinner.

Historical City Centre: The visitors will be guided through the old city centre, with landmarks both from medieval and Renaissance era (Craffe gate, ducal palace and Cordeliers Church). The tour will also include Place Stanislas and Place Carrière to highlight the impact of Stanislas Leczynski, last Duke of Lorraine, on the city architecture.

UNESCO World Heritage site: Nancy is famous worldwide for its architecture registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. You will discover the famous Place Stanislas (designed by architect Emmanuel Héré in the eighteenth century) and the Place Carrière and the Place d’Alliance.

Art Nouveau city centre: The stroll from Place Maginot to Place Stanislas will take you to the 1900s economic life of Nancy. Shops, banks and other buildings were decorated according to the artistic ‘Ecole de Nancy’ standards, using stone, glass, wood and metal.


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